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This page contains information and instructions regarding the dis-assembly and re-assembly of Pivot Pegz. Whether you have MK2, MK3 or MK4 Pivot Pegz the method is still the same. See diagram and step-by-step instructions below.

(If you're looking for information regarding installation, maintenance and servicing click this link - Maintenance Page).


Referring to schematic diagram above, disassemble as follows: 

1. Wear eye protection

2. Remove the 17mm Lock Nut(1)

3. Remove Washer(2) that was under Lock Nut(1)

4. Carefully grip the Peg Body(5) and slide it off Mount Assembly(7) Pivot Shaft. IMPORTANT - Be careful that the Pivot Spring(6) does not fly off the back of Peg Body(5) when you remove the Peg Body(5) from the Pivot Shaft(6).

5. Clean & inspect the Peg Body(5) and Mount Assemble(7) and all other parts and renew/replace any worn parts.

Referring to schematic diagram above, re-assemble as follows

1. Lightly lubricate all O-Rings(3) with high quality extreme pressure (EP) grease.

2. Lightly lubricate the Mount Assembly(7) Pivot Shaft with extreme pressure grease.  

3. Place one O-Ring(3) over Mount Assembly(7) Pivot Shaft and slide it halfway down the shaft.

4. Lubricate internal bushing of Peg Body(5) with high quality extreme pressure grease.

5. Refer to Spring Notes on schematic diagram above. Position Pivot Tension Spring(6) onto the back of Peg Body(5). Make sure that the Locating Pin on the Peg Body(5) is between the tongs of the Pivot Tension Spring(6) and carefully hold spring in position for next step.

6. Hold Pivot Tension Spring(6) in position on the Peg Body(5) and insert/slide the Mount Assembly(7) Pivot Shaft though the center of the Spring and all the way into the back of the Peg Body(5) until it stops and the thread of the Pivot Shaft protrudes out the other side of the Peg Body.

7. Important: While inserting the Mount Assembly(7) Pivot Shaft into the back of the Peg Body(5), make sure that the Locating Pin (the dowel pin) on the Mount Assembly(7) engages between the tongs/legs of the Pivot Tension Spring(6) on the back of the Peg Body.

8. Place two O-Rings(3) over the threaded end of the Mount Assembly(7) Pivot Shaft & position them into the recess/groove at the base of the thread.

9. Place Washer(2) onto the Pivot Shaft thread so the Washer rests against the two O-Rings mentioned in step 8.

10. Place Lock Nut(1) onto the thread of Mount Assembly(7) Pivot Shaft & tighten Lock Nut(1) to 25Nm (18 ft pound).