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We believe every ride should feel exciting, and that requires a level of comfort, control and grip that puts you in command at all times. Pivot Pegz® are designed to track with the motion of your feet, no matter the make or model. Experience the difference that riders all over the world continue to enjoy.

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Our foot pegs are designed with aerospace-grade stainless steel before being double heat treated and electro-polished, for the ultimate in quality, durability and precision performance.

Customer Testimonials

Pivot Pegz® products are a hit with riders from all over the world. Here’s what just a select

few have to say about their new ride experiences.




Mick Extance


"I have now competed in the Dakar five times and for the last two Rallies I have been using Pivot Pegz.

I was amazed how comfortable they felt especially as the sort of riding I do where I have to ride for up to twelve hours standing up on the pegs.”

Ryan Branford

"With PIVOT PEGZ I am always positioned correctly for the jumps and on the whoops and braking bumps. The bike works perfectly under me and the safety sensation is enormous. With Pivot Pegz I ride more relaxed and also get much less tired."

Ben Lawton

I would not hesitate to recommend Pivot Pegz to all riders from novice to pro, the difference is amazing!

Peter Martin


I rely so much on my feet to weight foot rests for turning and control of a bike, with Pivot Pegz I also have the ability to easily transfer body weight forward and back so my weight is where it is needed while always my feet are planted and have 100% contact with the footrests.

Absolute best pegs, especially if you have done any cycling - they just feel so much more natural and secure


Killer review man, was excited for this one! My brother swears by his pivot pegs, Can't wait for when I can get them on my bike.


I tried a new pair of Pivot Pegz - absolutely superb especially with my bad knees, they took away any jarring, excellent product.

Gavin Hockey - GH Motorcycles

I've used the Mk3 Pivot Pegz on my 2017 Honda Africa Twin for six years and 84,000 miles. As my adventure riding skills improve, I keep discovering new ways the Pivot Pegs can enhance my experience. Lately, I have been practicing keeping my heels down while standing up, and the Pivot Pegs make riding rough and uneven terrain much more comfortable and intuitive while improving the handling of the tough stuff!

Brian Willhite

These pegs really let me stay with the bike on the steep uphills and really allow me to push my heels down for ultimate traction!

Ryan Young

I LOVE the Pivot Pegz. Riding on this latest trip from Seattle to Tierra del Fuego on a R1200GS Adventure I have been standing a lot on the pegs, sometimes all day. Without Pivot Pegz my feet would have been very tired, but with Pivot Pegz this was much better. I really like the way that they pivot, it feels very natural and is extremely comfortable. At the first I thought this was going to be very strange, but immediately I got used to the pivot action and have enjoyed using these for many years now. Greetings from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.


“I have been using Pivot Pegz on myWR250F for 10 months now and they are the best thing I've bought for my bike. The better grip and load distribution on the bike is totally unbeatable! Also, since purchasing these pegs my riding has improved. I would recommend Pivot Pegz to anyone whether they are just a casual rider or at a competitive level.”

Peta Martin

“Pivot Pegz are unreal. Pivot Pegz were fitted halfway through the season and are a great asset. The difference between the stock pegs and Pivot Peg is very noticeable.We found that Pivot Pegz gave better body movement and great foot grip. They help with body positioning enabling you to transfer body weight more easily, which in return, provides better traction. Plus they look awesome!”

ADB Magazine.

“A big thank you for the delivery of my pegs. I can't believe the difference that these little beauties have made. Anything else that I could add to what has already been said would be superfluous! Quite simply, the BIGGEST confidence inspiring bolt-on I've ever added to one of my bikes. Again, thanks for such a wonderfully made and engineered product.”

T. Reaburn. Newman WA.

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