Below is a list of more testimonials from some of our 1000's of Pivot Pegz users around the world.


I bought Pivot Pegz a few years ago for my V-Strom 650, and simply cannot say enough good things about them. I probably do 98% paved, 2% dirt and they're great on the dirt. But just as impressive is how nice they are for regular riding. By being able to simply move your leg forward or back, you can easily find the optimal position for shifting and braking.

And - here's the kicker - it lets you easily wear different boots and not have to adjust anything. You can simply roll your leg forward or backward to adjust for whatever footwear you have on. It's one of those products where you don't realize how nice they are ... until you ride without them.

Doug Greene
Ketchum, Idaho


I have a 2005 Yamaha yz250f; I tried these on my friend’s bike and love theme. With a boot size 15 this makes it much easer to shift and break. The big different is having a lower back problem this as taken away the pain I would get after ridding all day. With the pivoting action it let’s my ankles move more which let’s the lower back act like a shock and not like a solid jar. The top of my feet hurt less not using my toes to shift.

These are the best thing I have seen on a bike for a rider and not for looks.

I just want to say these footpegs are awesome!
Compared to my OEM pegs for my '08 Kawasaki KLR 650 the Pivot Pegz are far superior.
I ride 60% on-road and 40% off-road and I have already noticed that braking and shifting is easier and smoother and my feet don't slip when riding gets technical, wet or muddy.

Anyone riding a KLR 650 should defiantly get Pivot Pegz!

Keep riding,

Steve Dashwood.
British Columbia

WOW! Why doesn't every bike come with these?

I've been riding my whole life (45 years old), I started out on dirt bikes, moved on to street bikes & am now on a dual sport.

I didn't even realize how bad I needed these until I saw them on a dirt bike forum, I loved the looks but even more so, I started paying attention to where & how my feet were placed on the stock pegs.

What I found was that my boots were only touching the leading edge of the stock pegs & that all of my weight was on this small area unless I stood with my toes in the air in the most unnatural (not to mention uncomfortable) position.

Now that I've got the PIVOT PEGZ installed, I honestly don't know how I got along without them. I hadn't realized how fatiguing it was to have to support your entire body over rough terrain on just a small patch of your foot.

Now I can ride a lot longer & faster without worrying about where my boots are & what they're doing. I'm able to focus more on the trail & my position rather than how I'm going to stay on the bike.

These are worth every penny!

John Boston
California, USA

2008 Suzuki DR 650se

I bought a set of pivot pegs in the summer of 2006 and I cannot say enough good things about them. I felt more connected to the bike and my boots would stay in full contact with the pegs and not at an angle. This allowed me to not only stay on the peg, but I had an easier time grabbing gears and finding the brake and with today’s motocross boots, sometimes that is not an easy task. The spring loaded centering feature is much better than other models on the market and much better than traditional pegs. It provides a smooth tension and brings the peg back to the center. These pegs really shine in whoop sections. They allow your feet to move forward to back with your body throughout the entire whoops section. The pivot pegs work really well in corners. Coming into corners I had a positive feel on the brake and I was able to make a smooth transition into the corner. The pivot pegs are absolutely amazing on an motocross track and I would love to have a set for my new KTM. Thanks and keep up the great work guys!

Suzuki/RM 250/2006, Altoona, Pa, USA

As a mini/pit bike rider pivot pegs have been the one of the best upgrades I've done to my bike. Due to the bike being so small and myself kind of large being able to bend your foot down to reach the rear brake is near imposable,however soon as i tried the pivot pegz it changed all that as my foot now rolls nicely down on to reach the rear brake with ease and intern has given me a lot more control and more control=more speed :) and also making riding allot safer as i now can use both brakes equaly. If i win these ill be going straight on the girlfriend bike so maybe she will stop riding mine. I would highly recommend any pit bike rider to give these pegs a go. many thanks to every one at pivot pegz.

Charlie Grey
ride- honda 04 crf50
from- Brighton England

Hey guy's just wanted to say love the pivot pegz, just a bush bashing trail rider but love the movement in the new pegz. Has improved my riding and I love the fact that I can stay one steep in front of all my mates. They now all want to get them.

Cheers Paul

I love pivotpegz. My name is Brandon Kemplin, I own (internet parts supplier) I used to be the East coast distributor for Powerpegz, I have been converted to the way of the Pivotpegz. Way better product from finish to fitment! We only sell what we race, this is a great product. If I had of known of this product first I would have started with it. It took awhile to catch on here in the United States. Little did I realize that this was not a knockoff off Powerpegz but the original product that Powerpegz got their idea from. I am a top 12 District 7, 6, and 5 Vet competitor in both hare scramble and MX, I will never use a static peg ever again. After 2 hours of straight race pace in a hare scramble I gotta tell my shins and calves are hammered but with Pivotpegz This is almost abated! Plus I don’t ever get holes in the soles of my boots, no kidding! This alone is worth the price of a set of pegz! I really like the self centering spring and the polished cages are a really nice touch!

Brandon Kemplin
BKA racing/N-Style/ MotoXpress racing team captain


I would like to say thank you for the creative thinking that went into designing this GREAT product.

I have several different kinds of dirt and dual sport bikes and with most manufactures the cheap thin little pegs just don't make it easy or comfortable to ride with confidence. I have tried other brands of pegs, but they are just more of the same. Yes, they may be longer, wider, stronger, set back, set forward, or with more traction, but they are still the same old square peg.

Pivot Pegz has stepped out of the box and created something that allows you to move more with the bike not around it. I find that I have greater braking power, easier shifting, and much less fatigue. This product is a huge leap in technology even if most people can not see it yet!

Thank you for Thinking out of the Box,

Troy Roper
Salt lake City

My wife says “thumbs up”.

My wife loves to get out and about, but is not too keen on a bike so is only rarely on the bike with me(perhaps im lucky!), she is always on about being a “sitting duck”, and furthermore her having long legs she finds the usually higher positioned rear pegs somewhat restrictive and uncomfortable.

None the less, trying to make things more comfortable for her, I modified and fitted the pivot pegs to the rear of my bike a 2007 Yamaha XT66R and hey presto, she thinks it’s a definite improvement. When she does ride she uses boots, so the pattern doesn’t make a difference, however she says that compared to the bikes standard pegs, the new wider platform is more comfortable and the movement allows her to change her leg position on the fly, and even though its not a huge position change it makes for a far more comfortable ride.

Craig Proctor
South Africa

Hi all you good folk at Pivotpegz,

I have been using your pegs for 3yrs now & love the way they give instant control & feel of my brake & gear leaver ,I brought the pegs off a mate second hand as he sold his 04 crf450x Honda and went blue, he had ridden over 5 thousand ks of hard Victorian mountain trails on them before I got to try them. I ride a 06 crf450x Honda and have ridden over 3000 ks on them and 3 of my mates have brought pivotpegz after trying mine . My young bloke and I find they stop our knees from aching during riding he doesn't have them on his race bike so he feels the difference in the bush.

Thanks Mick Lear

Trail Bike Magazine tested Pivot Pegz, printing a fantastic report in the May 2005 issue. The following text is taken from their report and we would like to thank TBM for allowing us to use this on our site.

"Radical redesigns like this only come along every once in a while, and these are one of the best improvements to a stock bike I've tried."

"...fitted onto our KTM using the new split-pins with no unnecessary fiddling .......-the whole job taking little more that ten minutes."

For sure the claims about making it easier to operate the rear brake and gear-lever are all true

"I was a bit anxious that they might feel a bit weird-...but needn't have worried"

"For sure the claims about making it easier to operate the rear brake and gear-lever are all true"

"But the biggest advantage I noticed with the Pivot Pegz was that during cornering I was able to get my inside boot securely back onto the peg that much quicker because as your boot presses back onto the peg the peg tips forward until it's flat against the sole of your boot. Meantime while your inside leg is stretched out in the corner, the pivoting outer peg lets the bike ride over bumps without you losing solid contact with a critical part of the bike. Excellent"

Now some real good news - As I was coming home from you I noticed the lack of vibration felt from Pivot Pegz. I usually use rubbers on the standard pegs to take out vibration. To perform a 'test', I stopped & took the rubber off the standard peg & rode the rest of the way home. Right leg OK (pivot pegz) left leg doing the ‘can can’ on its own (standard peg, no rubber).Pivot Pegz vastly reduce the transference of engine vibration that a normal solid peg passes.

Pivot Pegz really are as good rubber isolation, which of course does not work off road! Best of both worlds as I see it!

Lionel Cox - KTM 640 Adventurer

These pegs really let me stay with the bike on the steep uphills and really allow me to push my heels down for ultimate traction!

Ryan Young - 6 times US National Observed Trials Champion

I am a 68 yo retired physician. My wife and I ride a BMW K1200 LT with a sidecar.

Why would I buy Pivot Pegz? Because of my concern about slipping on the stock footrests especially in the wet.

I installed the Pegz myself. OK OK with a little help from my wife.

They are a solid and very nonslip rest. I am so pleased.

Dr. J. Curtis Kovacs
Sun City, AZ 85373

Have any of you SUPERMOTO JUNKIE readers tried PIVOT PEGZ???

If not, DO IT. We recently did some testing and used PIVOT PEGZ on our SM bikes and you will not believe the amazing control and ease of use you will gain. I never thought that they would provide that big of an advantage, BUT HOLY $*** DO THEY.No more grinding toes off your boots trying to get your foot under the shifter during mid corner. Tons more control over the bike in mid air of a jump. It's as if it acts as a entirely different bike. They come with replaceable bodies, in the event you like to grind them on the asphalt. But good luck doing that, these things are built. The list of benefits goes on. You'll see once you try them.

My only complaint is that I wish I had these last year.

Don't take my word for it, GO GET SOME.

One of the riders on my team had to have his ankle fused in a surgical proceedure because of an accident roadracing. He would always complain that his foot and ankle hurt after putting in 10-20 hard laps. After using PIVOT PEGZ he rode like he never had the fusion on his ankle, he never complained. He even said that it didn't even cause any pain. He was actually much faster because he didn't have the distraction of the pain during his riding.

I don't normally post much about products, mainly read what others have to say about things. But I couldn't pass up this opportunity to tell everyone about these awesome pegz.

Perry Pritchard – 2004 Canadian KTM Supercup National Champion

I tried a new pair of Pivot Pegz - absolutely superb especially with my bad knees, they took away any jarring, excellent product.

Gavin Hockey GH Motorcycles

To whom it may concern, I am a junior instructor at the academy of offroad riding. I rode my practice bike (YZ 85) with the Pivot Pegz and 'I'm STOKED', it was so much easier to pivot my foot to use the back brake and also the gear lever.

After riding over some bumps I found the bike was easy to move around on with the pegs. The pivot pegs are fitted to my practice bike which is the bike I use to do the demo's for the Academy of Off Road Riding and I would like to get a set for my race bike as I think they would be awesome for motocross.

Thanks Brad McCann. #555

There's plenty of aftermarket footpegs available these days which vary in shape, sharpness and construction but one brand of footpeg that offers something totally different is Pivot Pegz. As the name suggests, Pivot Pegz actually pivot back and forth, making it easier to reach the gear lever and the rear brake pedal. But the benefits of using footpegs that pivot don't end there.

Dirt Action Magazine

'Pivot Pegz are unreal.' 'Pivot Pegz were fitted halfway through the season and are a great asset. The difference between the stock pegs and Pivot Pegz is very noticeable. We found that Pivot Pegz gave better body movement and great foot grip. They help with body positioning enabling you to transfer body weight more easily, which in return, provides better traction. Plus they look awesome!'

ADB Magazine.

Cycle Torque Newspaper June 2001

Why is it so many great inventions seem like such an obvious idea you are left wondering why they haven't been thought of before? The new Australian-designed and made Pivot Pegz are the latest example of this. When you ride an off-road motorcycle (properly) your body can move from leaning against the handlebars to hanging off the back of the seat. Pivot Pegz allow constant contact with your boots to the pegs allowing easier rear brake/gear function and a comfortable, stable contact to the bike. They even extend the life of your boots. Miles (chief test rider) is really enthusiastic about Pivot Pegz. "Pivot Pegz are seriously trick," said our resident member of the dirt bike in-crowd. "The way they move forward and backward depending on how your feet are positioned makes it easier to brake, change gear and ride. I love them. They aren't going back." 

Extract From

Every now and then you come across a product that makes you sit up and say, why didn't someone think of this earlier, these things are the duck guts !! We put Pivot Pegz to the test on our 2001 Yamaha WR426 Project bikes and OH Boy !. These things make you feel so sure footed I reckon we could have given Spiderman a run for his money. Not only do they allow the bike to move underfoot without compromising the amount of boot that meets the peg over stutters, whoops and any other obstacles you wish to traverse. You also get a very pleasant surprise when you start on the tight and windy stuff. You and your bike feel much more in synch as the pegs rock forward on one side and back on the other.

G'day to the crew at Pivot Pegz. Now I know that things are full tilt down there at the peg factory, but this is a no BS letter so take the time to read it. Have I got your attention yet? Thought so. Over many years of racing I have trashed, replaced and repaired many bikes, and, the parts that make them one machine. I can honestly say to any person that your Pivot Pegz are one of the best designed and built, add on products that I have ever used. A definite mechanical and physical advantage is what your product delivers. Thank you very much for the opportunity to use and promote your great product.

Your Sincerely,
Matt Woodhouse.

Dear Sir, "I bought your pegs thinking that if they save me a set of boots a year they would have paid for themselves twice over. But once I used the Pivot Pegz I quickly realised that saving my boots is only one of the many things that make your product great. It's hard to sum it up but it's like a 'suspension extension'. My bike just feels heaps more comfortable and compliant and as a result I can ride faster."

B. Peterson Kalgoorlie WA

A big thank you for the delivery of my pegs. I can't believe the difference that these little beauties have made. Anything else that I could add to what has already been said would be superfluous! Quite simply, the BIGGEST confidence inspiring bolt-on I've ever added to one of my bikes. Again, thanks for such a wonderfully made and engineered product.

Regards, T. Reaburn. Newman WA

Pivot Pegz are probably the most important off road innovation in the last 5 years. And how obvious is it, they make so much sense. So much control of a dirtbike comes from your feet. With Pivot Pegz you not only get better grip and feel of the bike, but you also have much more control over your gears and rear brake. All of that translates into confidence and control. It only takes you one ride to get use to the Pivot Peg action, after that you realise that normal pegs just don't perform the same way. Weather you're out in the bush or hammering around a moto track the extra feel and control that Pivot Pegz offer the rider is second to none. Now that I have first hand experience of how well they work, a pair of Pivot Pegz will always get fitted to my off road machines.

Miles Davis
Chief Test Rider,
Cycle Torque Newspaper.

To whom it may concern

I have been using Pivot Pegz on my '01 WR250F for 10 months now and they are the best thing I've bought for my bike. The better grip and load distribution on the bike is totally unbeatable! Also, since purchasing these pegs my riding has improved. I would recommend Pivot pegz to anyone whether they are just a casual rider or at a competitive level.

Peta Martin
Patterson Lakes

Re: Pivot Pegz Boot Wear Test

To whom it may concern,

I have been racing with your Pivot Pegz for over 12 months now and I have to say that I am blown away by the results. These things work! I originally started racing with them on my '01 KTM 400 SX and have recently transferred them to my new '02 KTM 400 EXC. I spend a lot of time on the bike and these things perform like no other peg. And best of all your pegs have saved me money.

Let me explain. I chewed through four sets of inner soles on my boots in a six month period while using standard pegs. Each time it cost me $60 to fix, that's $240 in six months. Since fitting the Pivot pegz I have never replaced an inner sole. Even after 12 months of hard riding on the Pivot Pegz the inner soles are hardly worn. Using Pivot Pegz has actually saved me $480 in inner soles. Don't get me wrong, I use Pivot Pegz for the competitive advantage not to save my boots, but boots are expensive and this is an expensive sport, so it's great to get a product that delivers a real performance gain, and, saves me money every time I ride. Your Pivot Pegz are 'it'.

Your Sincerely,
Travis Eustace


To the crew at Pivot Pegz,

I would like to congratulate your R&D department for coming up with such a great and original type of foot peg.

My 10-year-old boy, Tom has been using the same set since early ‘2001, on four different KTM’s, (One 50cc and three 65cc). On one occasion when I overhauled the Pivot Pegz and fitted the standard ones back on he did not stop complaining about them, such comments as “ When are you putting my Pivot Pegz back on I hate the old standard one's” and “My ankles hurt without the Pivot Pegz”.

Unfortunately our boot repairer doesn't like the Pivot Pegz as we haven't had to replace one sole on the motocross boots since using Pivot Pegz, the only time we buy new boots is when Tom grows out of the old ones.

Tom has won three state championships with the Pivot Pegz and certainly will never ride without them again, they have become as important to him as his bike, and in fact his bike is not a motocross ride without the Pivot Pegz. I can’t believe there are people out there that ride without them. I'm sure just one ride with them and they would be sold for life. Thanks a lot for your great invention and rest assured everyone we know in Junior Motocross knows how much we think of Pivot Pegz.

Dear Allen

“I think that the Pivot Pegz are cool they don’t hurt my angles like normal pegs do. It is easy to do the jumps with them, going over big bumps is easy too.


Yours Faithfully,
Steve Rastinger.