Vincent Charbonnier - Testimonial

French Enduro Championship rider

'I was aware of the existence of Pivot Pegz, however having never encountered anyone who had used or recommended them I was naturally a little cynical of the claims for their product. The opportunity to try a pair on my KTM 450EXC soon dispelled any doubts I may have had, cornering was instantly better, the ability to keep the outside peg weighted fully whilst maintaining complete contact with the footrest resulted in a noticeably control improvement.

Initially there seemed to be little to choose between the Pivot Pegz and standard equipment when riding at high speed 'out of the saddle', however something did seem to be 'missing'. A few more laps of my normal training circuit and I realised, the shock from big hits had become much more manageable, the action of the footrest meant my ankle was no longer soaking up the forces trying to deflect the bike from its trajectory. Anything that minimises fatigue in an endurance event must be a good thing.

The off road world contains many examples of products making extravagant promises. I think Pivot Pegz are a worthwhile investment for any level of rider as they really do live up to their marketing departments claims. 

Vincent Charbonnier