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Ticen Race Support Program - Testimonial

The first time we put a set of Pivot Pegz on our bikes I was concerned about how long it would take to get used to the feel of movement of the pegs. I have to say that in about the time it takes to get up to speed on the first lap, I did not even feel like the pegs were moving. Yes they move but only in a natural way that helps with control of the bike.

You will see better transition when moving from front to back as well as whoop sections. You always have a boot flat on the peg not on the front or rear edge of stock pegs. With that in mind you will not see the same wear on your boot sole. That to me is just a little bonus because they help with control and speed on the track. They are a valuable part of our race bikes.

Ross Muinzer #553

I would like to say that I have raced for many years as a Pro and now race at the VET National level and love the Pivot Pegz product. I would trash a pair of boots half way through a season and now my boots go a entire season and still are not trashed. They also help with proper control and riding of the bike.

After you ride with them for a very short time you will not even notice that they are moving. You just feel like you are in more control and have better grip at the pegs which will allow you to put more pressure on them. The added pressure you feel like you can apply will help with cornering and overall control.

I ride for Ticen Race Support and this is the first product I ask to renew for the next season. Dollar for dollar they are more valuable than many other product riders purchase and see little to no improvement in their riding.

Donald Baker #17

I am new to the Ticen Race Support program but have had the chance to ride Ross Muinzers bike that has Pivot Pegz on it. I felt good right away on the pegs. My trainer notice right away that some of my old habits were decreased once I was riding with Pivot Pegz. I was putting way more pressure on the outside peg in corners and was able to increase my corner speed. I can not wait to get my new set on my race bike and I feel like I will go even faster. The peg will always return to center when your foot comes off the peg. Another great thing is that they have rebuild kits that allow you to rebuild these pegs for a really long life.

Steven Ricks #227