Pivot Pegz were factory fitted to a production run of HRC CRF250X & CRF450X motorcycles.

Pivot Pegz® have been designed to last and to withstand very demanding offroad riding conditions.

They are a designed using high tech 3D computer modelling software and are a precision built, high quality product. They are formed by state-of-the-art precision investment casting using ultra high strength aerospace grade stainless steel before being CNC machined and double heat treated for extra strength and durability. Pivot Pegz® are then electro-polished to a high grade finish before finally having the exterior hand-polished to a mirror finish which highlights the embossed logo and really makes Pivot Pegz® stand out in the crowd. The results are obvious - just check out the pictures throughout our website.

Internally a high quality German made replaceable BUSH is used and ample amounts of a superior quality saltwater proof grease is added to keep everything running smoothly. The Pivot Pegz also has O-ring seals at both ends of the pivot shaft to protect the internal parts and to keep the grease in and the bad stuff out. If and when maintenance is required it is a very easy task due to the simple proven design.

Pivot Pegz® also use a 'one-piece mount and shaft' design which means the pivot shaft can never unscrew and come loose during riding over rough terrain or jumps.

The strength and durability of Pivot Pegz has been proven many times over the last 20 years of production. Pivot Pegz are used by tens of thousands of riders around the world who give them a very tough workout across all types of riding terrain.

The Pivot Pegz product is considered by many riders as a proven must-have performance product.

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Pivot Pegz - factory fitted to a production HRC CRF250X