To whom it may concern,

The snow and ice performance of Pivot Pegz is nothing short of awesome. As you may or may not know, during ice racing, snow, water and ice splash up from the tires and can reduce the efficiency of foot pegs, and in some cases cause an uncomfortable feeling when your pegs are sliding on the ice and don’t fold up to eliminate the chances of a three point crash, then when they do fold up and it comes time to put your foot back on the peg again it may stay up in the folder position. With Pivot Pegz I NEVER had that problem.

The other great thing about Pivot Pegz was the fact that when using MX boots for ice riding, the soles become like bricks, Pivot Pegz always proved a great deal of grip, especially on the outside peg when you are pushing down and back really hard to keep traction during huge slides or exiting corners. Definitely a huge benefit to have during those horrible conditions.

With all that being said, I do want to add that I sharpen my pegs to keep them nasty sharp for winter use. But normally only the last few teeth on the very outer edge of the peg. Hope this helps to answer the questions of other ice racers considering using Pivot Pegz.

Quite simply I will never go back to standard pegs, EVER!

Perry Prichard

2006 - CWIRA Wisconsin State Ice Racing Championship:

- GP Class - State Champion
- 250/450 Class - State Champion
- Veteran Open Class - Overall Champion
- 2nd Overall 250/450 Class
-3rd Overall Open GP Class

2005 - NASMOTO Supermoto National Series:

- 2nd at Cleveland Round, Sat. & Sun. 
- 3rd at Toronto Round
- 2nd at Schawano Round, Sat. & Sun.

2004 - Supermoto Canada National Championship:

- Canadian KTM Super Cup National Champion
- Hollywood Showmanship Award (Fans choice Award)

2004 - CWIRA Wisconsin State Ice Racing Championship:

- Open Class Champion
- 2nd Overall 250/450 Class