FREE BONUS SERVICE KIT WITH A SET OF PIVOT PEGZ – Add to Cart and type/enter code MYFREEKIT into the Discount Code box in the checkout

Simply add this Service Kit to your cart along with a set of Pivot Pegz and enter/type the discount code MYFREEKIT in the Checkout section (after the Cart) to deduct the full price of the Service Kit from your order. It's a free bonus for you and it's on us :)

You can also Add To Cart now and then select your Pivot Pegz. Once both items are in your Cart you go to the Checkout and enter the discount code.

This Kit suits MK3 and MK4 Pivot Pegz.

Note: This is a stand alone special offer and can not be combined with any other special offer on our website. If you are offered another special offer then you can choose one or the other but combining or stacking offers in not permitted on our website. Thanks for your understanding.