"I have now competed in the Dakar five times and for the last two Rallies I have been using Pivot Pegz.

I was amazed how comfortable they felt especially as the sort of riding I do where I have to ride for up to twelve hours standing up on the pegs.

The beauty of Pivot Pegz is the pivot, I did not have to keep adjusting my feet especially when moving backward and forwards the pegs go with you.

As for reliability I cannot fault them in the two years I have been using them there has not been one fault not a spring failure……..nothing not bad considering they are having a real good thrashing in some extreme conditions and terrain. The rally covers some 10,000 kilometres.

I am so impressed not only do I have them on my Rally bike but also my training bikes and have recommended them to many other riders.

This product is one you can put onto your bike and forget about them they are sturdy and extremely reliable."

Mick Extance

Top finishing Brit in the 2004, 2005 & 2006 Dakar Rally - 25th Outright 2006

Proven reduced boot wear - see below

Mick's boot soles are still in excellent condition even after completing a gruelling 10,000 K's in the Dakar Rally.