Daniel Strickland - Testimonial

West Australian Pivot Pegz supported rider Daniel Strickland will carry the number one plate for season 2010 after winning a hard fought series in the premier 250F class. The fifteen year old Wellard Yamaha team rider had a fantastic season with many podiums and wins, including the prestigious Kid of the Cross and the State Championship title.

“I have been using Pivot Pegz for three years now and right from day one I knew they improved my riding, Pivot Pegz are the type of thing that though you can’t always pick what it is, they make the bike feel better. You are just more comfortable behind the bars and in the sandy conditions that we have here in W.A. they are just awesome!! Especially in the rolling whoops.

Our whole Wellard Yamaha Junior Development Team utilised Pivot Pegz this year and they certainly helped us to achieve the forty six podiums and five championships we managed to claim. To top it off with the number one plate for Allen and his guys at Pivot Pegz and the rest of our advertising partners like Yamaha, GYTR and Wellard was just the icing on the cake, further proving how good these things really are.

From my experience I can recommend bolting on a set of Pivot Pegz will improve your riding as they really make a difference.”

Daniel Strickland

Yamaha Junior Development Team