I have been racing enduro’s with Pivot Pegz for over three years now and I am still in love with them.

I am currently competing in enduro’s at International, National and State level, in which I have just completed the International Six Day Enduro in Chile riding for Team Wellard Yamaha – the Pivot Pegz afforded me comfort and manoeuvrability through the tight and rocky trails for Chile for me to finish on silver.

My Pivot Pegz took some extremely harsh hits at the Six Day, on one occasion I slammed the peg at 60 odd kph into a rock (it felt like I had broken my foot!) and thought that the Pivot Pegz would have had to be bent and busted, but the Pivot Pegz did not bend at all and still performed like new.

I also find that Pivot Pegz cut down boot wear by half, which means that Pivot Pegz pretty much pay for themself, as there is no need to be replacing boot soles mid season, or worse having to buy a new pair. Another great advantage of Pivot Pegz is that I find with larger size boots (12+) it frees up the hassle of trying to get big feet around the gear lever and brake pedal. I also noticed how good Pivot Pegz are in the MUD! The amount of times my feet would slip off standard pegs from only having contact with the front or back edge of the pegs – but with the contact that Pivot Pegz provides you = problem fixed!

I would not hesitate to recommend Pivot Pegz to all riders from novice to pro, the difference is amazing!

Yours sincerely,

Ben Lawton