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Pivot Pegz Mount Kit

Pivot Pegz Mount Kit

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Completely overhaul your Pivot Pegz with this Peg Mount Kit.

Or swap your Pivot Pegz from one bike to another.

Part # PP-MKIT

Kit includes: one new left-hand Mount, one new right-hand Mount and one Overhaul Kit with new pivot bushes, o-rings, springs, lock nuts etc)

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Only $9.50 Nationwide or $24.50 International


Not all Bikes have the lowering option, please contact us first to confirm if your particular bike has the lowering option available.

*Generic Picture: The picture shown is a generic picture of the a 2016 KTM Pivot Pegz Mount Kit, the mounting section on your bike may look different from the Mount Kit shown in the picture above but rest assured we will send you the correct Mounts for your specific bike make, model and year.