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Mount Spring Kit C (Services two pegs)

Mount Spring Kit C (Services two pegs)

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Mount Spring Kit C - Part # MSK03-MK3 (Services two pegs.)

Kit = one left-hand Mount Spring, one right-hand  Mount Spring, Pivot Pegz sticker and instruction sheet.

Suits MK3 and MK4 Pivot Pegz

MK3 part #: PP-12MK3, PP-13MK3, PP-16MK3, PP-23MK3, PP-26MK3, PP-27MK3, PP-29MK3, PP-32MK3, PP-33MK3, PP-34MK3, PP-40MK3, PP-41MK3, PP-44MK3, PP-46MK3, PP-47MK3, PP-48MK3, PP-49MK3, PP-52MK3, PP-54MK3, PP-64MK3, PP-66MK3, PP-67MK3, PP-69MK3, PP-70MK3, PP-75MK3, PP-76MK3, PP-85MK3, PP-89MK3, PP-90MK3, PP-91MK3, PP-92MK3, PP-97MK3, PP-98MK3

MK4 part #: PP-12MK4, PP-13MK4, PP-16MK4, PP-23M43, PP-26MK4, PP-27MK4, PP-29MK4, PP-32MK4, PP-33MK4, PP-34MK4, PP-40MK4, PP-41MK4, PP-44MK4, PP-46MK4, PP-47MK4, PP-48MK4, PP-49MK4, PP-52MK4, PP-54MK4, PP-64MK4, PP-66MK4, PP-67MK4, PP-69MK4, PP-70MK4, PP-75MK4, PP-76MK4, PP-85MK4, PP-89MK4, PP-90MK4, PP-91MK4, PP-92MK4, PP-97MK4, PP-98MK4


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